September 20, 2013


A bruise appeared on my right arm
I don’t recall what caused this harm
Purple hues have started to creep
Perhaps I’m walking in my sleep?

I may not be the graceful sort
But not often do I report
An injury of this degree
Occurring with much frequency

Although I do not know its cause
It’s size and color give me pause
And I cannot deny it since
I see obvious evidence

Perhaps I banged my arm somewhere
Upon a table or a chair
And didn’t give the bump much thought
Until I saw this bruise it brought

I guess I’ll have to watch myself
Near every corner, every shelf
And try my best to never veer
Or else more bruises might appear

(Based on a true story!)


  1. Here is my 2 cents worth: first, I think your poem is great .. second, please see a doctor about the new, unexplained bruises. This kind of bruising can be symptomatic of something that needs further examination. Or, if you are like me, it is totally age related. No charge today, you may keep your penny. :-)


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