September 6, 2013

Blessing And Curse

Having a poet’s heart is both
Blessing and curse

Seeing life so acutely
Its aching, beautiful pain

Small periwinkle flowers call from
Fields of tall, whispering grass

Everything a maddening distraction
From some other experience missed

Each tune noted gracefully
Song of triumph, funeral dirge

Mind stretching to encompass
Thoughts churlish or sublime

Each taste and smell
Is a trip metaphysical

The world so overwhelming
It drives to rage and despair

Knowing it can’t be captured
Feeling what cannot be shared

Push and pull
Point and wave
Wink and nudge

Sing a lovely melody
Or just scream
But don’t miss a thing


  1. this is just wonderful your words are beautiful, you capture all that one can go through when writing n musing for the poem and the perfect words to express what one feels sees.. ;)) thankQ fer sharing with me beez ;)

  2. I adore that 4th couplet. So true.


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