May 2, 2013

Deep Sea Musings

Out in the open Pacific, the water is
Deep blue from horizon to horizon

Two men climb into a bulky bathyscaphe
And start their slow descent

The brightness at the surface
Gradually fades to utter darkness

Sunlight cannot penetrate here
Three thousand feet down

Only gravity tells them
Which way is up

The blinding lights on their vessel
Shine out into nothingness
The light is swallowed whole
Crushed by the sheer weight

The empty sea bottom
Seems a lifeless desert plane

But they turn off their lights
And sit still

And watching


A dim flash of blue light
There, then gone

The ghostly glow
Of bio-luminescence

Another flicker, then more
Slowly the dark comes to life

Strange creatures flutter and swirl
Trailing luminary threads

Bulbous bodies bobble about
Round glassy eyes magnifying

Sputtering shapes squirt jets
Of pulsing propulsion

Wavy tentacles wiggle and drift about
Like long, white Chinese noodles

Delicate, thin silver fish disappear
With color-changing camouflage

Gape-jawed predators with razor teeth
Dangle tantalizing glow-bait ahead

New species are marveled at and cataloged

Then it’s time to rise from their dream

Exploring The Deep Sea

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