April 11, 2013

Some Things Never Change

Saw an old friend recently
Many years we’d been estranged
A pleasant reunion but
Some things never seem to change

We’d shared good times in the past
I learned many things back then
But now there’s something lacking
In my old familiar friend

It’s not that my friend had changed
Certainly that’s not the case
Instead, I thought differently
Than in my earlier days

It seems that I had progressed
Whereas my old friend had not
I found myself looking for
Qualities my friend had not

There is a certain comfort
In things that just stay the same
Though not always easy to
Revisit from whence we came

It’s disquieting  to find
The once-familiar now strange
I’m a different person now
But some things, they never change


  1. Wonderful poem and so true. I found that I have nothing in common with those I hung out with when I was younger. Our lives are so different.


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