January 21, 2013

Hunker-Down Day

Wind blows fiercely through the trees
Clouds skim greyly across the sky
My house groans low through the night
It’s a hunker-down day

Windows whisper under their eaves
The sound is such a ghostly sigh
The sun peeks meekly with dim light
It’s a hunker-down day

The weather chills me to the bone
The undeniable looming near
A voice that’s calling out for more
On this hunker-down day

Terror fills me with each moan
One reliable doom I fear
The wolf is howling at the door
On this hunker-down day


  1. Love this ... "hunker-down" day ... needs fireplace and coffee and quilts

  2. Another great poem. I feel that way today. Nice job. Love the terror and the wolf and the whole atmosphere

  3. Love this. The whole atmosphere and the terror, the fear


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