December 12, 2012

Old Fashioned Christmas

The Christmas holiday is drawing near
A time of happiness and great cheer
Out the window, you see the bright snow
And sparkling silver trees down the row

The little white church opens its door
And welcomes in the lonely and poor
They come to fill their hearts and souls
With choir carols and steaming bowls

And in every house, on every street
A Christmas spruce is dressed so neat
With scarlet ribbons and lights on strings
Topped by an angel with gold wings

While Jack Frost is up to his old tricks
Hot cider is mulled with cinnamon sticks
Children go outside to try their new sleds
Mittens on their hands and hats on their heads

But Christmas is here for just one day
And soon the ornaments get put away
It seems to be over before the start
But the feeling still lingers in your heart

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