December 5, 2012

Flicker Slip

Flicker slip
Take a nip
Time to board
That sailing ship

Sail upon an uncharted sea
With some familiarity
In many ways the same, and yet
There’s always something new to me

My ship, she braves
The frothy waves
Past all manner of
Dark shoreline caves

The salt in the spray
The swing and the sway
The dizzying stars up there, so high
That help guide my way

It’s a long, long way to go
To this archipelago
The seas and storms, they wail so fierce
God help me, I love it so

First a week, then a year
Soon I’ll be drawing near
As provisions grow leaner
It gets harder to steer

At last, at last
I climb the mast
To catch a glimpse
I scurry fast

I weigh the anchor and
Make my way toward land
To be reborn from the cold deep
Onto the sun-warmed sand

The waves, they come and go
The tides, they ebb and flow
The more I see, the more I say
What more is there to know?


  1. smiles...its a never ending least not til we are dead you know....there will always be more to know...and there will always come choppy waves as well...

  2. I sounds a bit like my journey...


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