November 27, 2012

Winter Chill

Snow does not care where it falls
A roof, a branch, or on the ground
Whitening parking lots of malls
Until plowed into a grey mound

Snow does not discriminate at walls
On both sides it will be found
Kids on both sides throw snowballs
When there are no adults around

Snow settles where cattle calls
Urge the rancher and his hound
To herd the beasts into their stalls
Where food and warmth will be found

Snow covers long church halls
As the choir inside makes sounds
While the cold air seeps and crawls
To bring a chill almost profound

1 comment:

  1. You've reminded me of the reasons I both love and dislike snow! I grew up in New England and remember it fondly, but these days I trend more towards warmer weather. Which begs the question, why do I still live in Georgia? LOL It actually isn't too bad right now - about 50 degrees. Not the balmy 75 I enjoyed in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday, though. :)


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