November 26, 2012

Haiku Koo-Koo Collection

These are all re-posts from my Haiku blog, Haiku Koo-Koo

I catch fall sneaking
Color peeking between greens
My rake is ready

Brightly colored trees
Cheer me on my drive to work
Monday’s not so bad

A cold fall drizzle
Tires ahead throw light spray
Slow windshield wipers

Colorful wet leaves
Sag under the weight of fall
Soggy raking soon

Bright autumn vista
Yellow grass in sharp relief
Hawk atop street light

Early fall dryness
Once-swamp now a big tangle
Mossy pop bottle

Yellow leaves quiver
Cold breezes sneak down my neck
Shivers like aspens

Hay-wagon wheels groan
Plumes rise from horses and kids
Mulled apple cider

Gloomy autumn morn
Water beads on fallen leaves
Stoop for photos

Sunset’s bright spotlight
Yellow leaves, breezy dancing
Too high for caution

Chilly fall dampness
Wet leaves drowning in puddles
The smell of decay

Leaves on the driveway
I see my car has a flat
Monday has begun

My car is covered
Hundreds of small yellow leaves
I wipe away fall

Fly on a fall leaf
Dark bold against a gold field
Fearless ‘til the end

Fall celebration
Hundreds of jack o’ lanterns
Imagine the seeds!

Specks on the blue sky
No sublime constellation
Curse this dirty lens!

October, late day
Last light filtered through slate clouds
Leaves seem to glow

Just after sunset
Lone cricket chirping slowly
Calling back summer

Autumn wood walking
A most delightful carpet
Soft under my feet

Morning drive to work
Colors seeping into view
Sun burning off the fog

Fall farmers’ market
Apples as big as softballs
Blessed with this bounty

Jack O’ Lanterns glow
Friendly spirits roam the night
Happy Halloween!

October thirty-first
Evening full of spirits
Black cat crossed the street

November the third
Time to renew my license
Wanted a haircut

Muffled movie sounds
Action scene from next office
Boss is out of town

No line at the polls
Took my ballot, marked my votes
“I Voted” sticker

Frosty fall morning
Leaves glisten like diamonds
Death on their edges

Dangling bare and black
Choking vines grown thick up trees
Deep-rooted evil

Treetop rustling
I thought it was a squirrel
Fall wind playing tricks

Rainy fall morning
Chill caught between house and car
Gradual car heat

Frosty fall morning
Icy crystal skeletons
The leaf-litter dead

Six a.m. today
Still dark this time of the year
I let the dogs out

Walking a fall field
Antler-rubbed trunk shorn of bark
His territory

Frosty windshield morn
Funnel web in the bushes
Winter is knocking

Wet, foggy morning
Bush funnel web disappeared
Closed for the season

Cool autumn sunrise
Thin grey layer hovering
Ghostly in the trees


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  2. Imagine the seeds indeed! I love roasted pumpkin seeds! So many wonderful images throughout. Thanks for sharing this!


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