November 9, 2012

Railroad 55

Guard rails drop at the railroad crossing
Counting the cars… one, two, three…

Heavy machinery pulling
Passing mere yards from me… fifteen, sixteen…

Such tremendous rumbling
Feeling in awe of the power… twenty-seven, twenty-eight…

Box cars and flat beds flashing
Clicking and clunking… thirty-nine, forty, forty-one…

Finally, the caboose coming
Finishing counting… fifty-three, fifty-four… 



  1. Yay! great job- I love watching trains!
    Now though, in our area they often pull cars I don't understand- and some have spray tags all over... At the end often is an engine facing backwards. (We have very few turn-arounds.)

  2. I love this! I love trains! Love siiting at the crossing listening and watching! Oh well done!!!!

    Sadly never see a caboose any longer.

  3. Very clever, or serendipitous, Bubba. Enjoyed the feel of the vibrating tracks, the heavy clanking noises--here in the country in the dead of night, sometimes the train passing a few miles away sounds like all of civilization rushing past like a distant storm.

  4. Ah, I like this very much Eric! I like the device of the counting cars and that your total is (what else but 55! :o)

  5. LOL.

    I had a writing instructor who talked about poetry as being like a train. The more you could pack into the words the bigger the rumble. I often think of that as I write.

  6. Pardon me boy, is that the cat that ate your new shoes?
    It never fails to amaze me what triggers inspiration.
    Loved your Casey Jones 55 Bubba...
    Thanks for playing, thanks for being so helpful and supportive today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. Love this .... I have had a life long love affair with trains!!!

  8. I miss not hearing the train whistle in the distance... this is the first house we don't have that. Can't say I enjoy being delayed by a train, though.

  9. Cute...55 cars. But they don't have cabooses anymore. Least not the ones I've seen lately. I love trains. Love the sound in the night. Love your 55.

  10. Ah! That's great that you made the train have 55 cars! Enchanting. I have always loved being the first car stuck waiting for a train. Through the years I have noticed many fewer hobos taking a ride, and much more powerful graffiti!

  11. Clever but short have you ever seen those 4 mile long ones in the prairies?

  12. 4 miles long? That sounds like a LONG wait at the crossing - I'd get tired of counting them!


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