November 12, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanks, mom and dad, who both brought me here
Who showed me life’s path, but let me steer

Thanks, also, to my sister and to my brother
Who managed, somehow, not to kill one another

Thanks to both my son and wonderful wife
Who were, and are, the best thing in my life

Thanks to you, family and friends
Who helped me along life’s curves and bends

Thanks to the weather; sun, wind, rain and snow
Which helped me to love the four seasons so

Thanks to you, writers of story and poem
Who made me glad that I got to know ‘em

Thanks to every distiller and brewer
Who’s strong drink helped me speak a bit truer

Thanks to musicians, singers of song
Whose music filled my heart all day long

Thanks to inventors, creators of things
Who turned on my light and gave our world wings

Thanks to all workers that labor and toil
Who forged my nation from steel and soil

Thanks to military men and women
Who fought for my country and for my freedom

Thanks to all those who came before me
Who made this world that I know and see


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