October 19, 2012

Better Late Or Never

The Mayan Calendar was wrong
The world had two months less
This year there’d be no Christmas song
No sins left to confess

Zombie apocalypse started
The night of Halloween
The most realistic undead
Costumes they’d ever seen

Growing waves of ‘trick-or-treaters’
Surged through city and town
Not kids, but living-flesh eaters
Candy dropped on the ground

Whether coincidence or plan
Their timing was just right
Soon every woman, child and man
Joined rank without a fight

Their numbers grew and grew until
There were none left to dismember
And one thing that they ponder still
They thought they had ‘til December


  1. I read this in the voice of LL Cool J and it made it very enjoyable. Have fun zombie walking.

  2. This is nice. We love the poem you wrote for the opening of our new book Zombie Housewives of the 1960s. Thanks!!!

  3. A fantastic poem for the walk. I also wanted to thank you for your contribution to our zombie housewives of the 1960s book.

  4. Sweet poem. I have stocked up on candy and shotgun shells. I am ready for the invasion with reinforced, barred windows, some smoke grenades in the event I have to make my escape, and a fake zombie outfit in the event I have to mix in. That should cover my arse. lol

    By the way, now following your blog.


  5. CUTE POST! Love the poem. Thanks for sharing the zombie love. ;-)

    Keep reading,
    Please Check out My Books!

  6. Now I'm picturing Mayan zombies...

    Good work on the zombie walk, hope you had a chance to check out my blog too :)



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