April 2, 2012

Smokin' Bud With Elvis Costello

Walking down a long hallway
Recurring bathrooms on the right
Doors open wide along the way
Pretty ladies with panties tight

Elvis Costello handed me a joint
A loosely-rolled, sloppy affair
Smoldering with a nubby point
Particles falling everywhere

The smolder became a flame now
And I took a long, warm hit
It filled my mind, familiar somehow
Quite odd, since I’d never tried it

I looked out the front door window
And there, through the curtain
I saw John Cleese approaching
And behind him, I was certain

The Monty Python boys were there
Walking quite slowly to my front door
Taking pictures and looking everywhere
Tourists where they’d never been before

I turned to my son and said,
"The Monty Python guys are here!"
Then struggled to get over my head
The snug apron that suddenly appeared

Then I woke up

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