December 9, 2011


I faced the great plain
Grasses to the horizon

The sun rose as I sang my song
To the Four Winds

I sang out my name and
Sang of my tribe

I sang of my ancestors
My father and grandfathers

On the wind I heard
A bone flute playing far away

Then I closed my eyes
And in my mind I saw

The smoke of a thousand fires
Coming like a great heard of buffalo

The thick, gray clouds hid the grasslands
And I could not see

I heard screaming and running and crying
Many who were confused, lost and afraid

And I called out to them
To come towards my voice

Slowly, through the smoke
I saw many animals approaching me

Deer and squirrels and rabbits
Coyotes and bears and hawks

All manner of creatures
Running from the smoke

Suddenly they all cried out,
“Save us!  Save us from the smoke!”

Then I opened my eyes
And saw only the grassy plain before me

No animals and no smoke
No running or crying or screaming

So I turned away
To walk back to my people


  1. Beautiful. I love the sacredness of it.

  2. Touching... I have Cherokee descendants and this made me think of them.

  3. I like the way you followed the song here- I have had views similar to this it was hard to know if a dream, vision , memory- cool!

  4. Interesting--especially the ending--it seems like it needs one more line...that they weren't there either--just has a ghostly feel to me, but yours is perhaps a more positive take than that.

  5. Looks like a dream of one's redemption...enjoyed the reflective write ~

  6. I think this is my very favorite of yours, Eric. I could visualize the whole thing.......beautiful.


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