October 14, 2011

Technology Manifesto (In Two Parts)


Always creating newer, more exciting shiny gadgets
Affording people more and more ways to waste their time
Profiting from people’s desire to have the latest thing
All the while blinding them to the underlying fact
That time is their most precious commodity

Attention People! 

You can’t see everything
and can’t know everything
You’re going to miss a lot
through no fault of your own
The world is big
The world is huge
There are trillions of people
and most don’t know you

Time keeps on going
Time keeps on rolling
Ever forward, never backward
Today is Tomorrow’s Yesterday

So see what you can
and know what you can
Don’t worry about what you miss
through no fault of your own


  1. Since we came into the computer age, time really does seem to have stepped up quite a notch now or, maybe I'm just feeling my age...LOL
    Nice, thought provoking piece from you!

  2. Eric, there is so much truth here! Great writing.

  3. Oh, amen brother! You really got with both of these.

  4. Both of these are where I am at right now...but I can't seem to convince the others in my life! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Contentment is a great achievement...

  6. enjoyed your expression,
    let time pass,
    have a worryfree sun bath.


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