October 20, 2011

BuddhaRocks Project: Day 4

My Apple Pie
I like my home-made apple pie.

Crust that’s flaky is a must.

Six kinds of apples in my mix.

Cinnamon and nutmeg get put in.

Some brown and white sugar - yum!

Make some holes and let it bake.

Would you like to see if it’s good?

Sit down here and you can try it.

Please, with a slice of sharp cheddar cheese?

Or even à la mode.  Coffee?  I’ll pour.

I hope you like my home-made apple pie.


  1. You just made me very hungry. I'll have mine with coffee please.

  2. Bubba has been a busy boy. The pie looks so delish. How about a scoop of vanilla icecream on top?

  3. Your pie looks awesome. I'll never forget my first attempt to bake an apple pie from scratch for my husband. It was like shoe leather, but he ate it. LOL! Ever since, I buy frozen apple pies for him. Great post! xo

  4. Oh my gosh! That pie looks and sounds amazing! I wish I had a slice of that.

    If you have any photos of yourself in a costume, from any time in your life, I'd love to include you in my virtual Halloween blog party next week! My email is on the left side of my blog if you are interested in being included...

  5. Now that is an apple pie! It looks delicious and I would love some with a thin slice of that cheese and some coffee. :)

  6. Your pie is very friendly. I like the cute little apple cut outs, too.


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