October 19, 2011

BuddhaRocks Project: Day 3

Day 3: Backyard Stump

Once there was an apple tree
that grew in my backyard
The tree was thin and not too tall
and took the winters hard

It had not been pruned properly
while it was first growing
All the apples it produced
had spots and wrinkles showing

The tree grew too close to the house
and overhung the gutter
Each autumn the leaves would fall
and fill it full of clutter

It didn’t give a lot of shade
on hot sticky summer days
Since the apples all fell to rot
no one would sit there anyways

We didn’t like the mushy mess
of apples on our lawn
So we cut down the apple tree
and now the mess is gone

Apple trees need proper care
and planning that is sound
All that’s left now is a stump
with green grass all around


  1. nice capture eric...yes we need to take care when we bring life into this world...trees or otherwise...

  2. Looks like the base of a nice back yard table. Love these written visuals.

  3. We had a tree just like this in the backyard when I was growing up.

  4. I don't know if this is funny or tragic. I feel a strong sense of both. Fantastic writing.

  5. It really was a shame to have to cut down that little apple tree. It was pretty, but was planted too close to the house - a common mistake.

    It had never received the attention in the pruning department, so it grew gnarled and the fruits were always small and deformed.

  6. I have always wanted an apple tree. Maybe you could plant another one away from your house.

    I love the poem even though it makes me sad.

  7. Even an apple tree needs lovin'.

  8. Used to have a fairly good-sized orchard, with lots of apple trees. And BOY! One year nobody tended to them, and we had "worm-trees". Smelled good, though!

  9. Wrong time, wrong place - poor tree! ♥

  10. Planting trees too close to a building happens quite often. Even professional landscapers do it! It's sad for the tree and for the people who don't get to enjoy its beauty.
    Well written.

  11. everything related to trees is cool.


  12. i think there's analogy here... it's not mere about tree... :)


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