July 6, 2011

Where You Were

A hole, a gap
Not whole

A space, abyss
Something amiss
Something I miss
Something missing

Distinct lacking

A piece gone astray
Gone away
Away from here
From me

Hollow outline
Just a shell

Not well
All is
Not all
Is not

Silence song
Just wrong


  1. see you soon eric...i hope your muse finds you well...

  2. Let others fill you in, Eric. I always believed that the capacity to grieve reveals the capacity to love.

  3. Is your mom gone hon? I'm so sorry. Whatever the hole, I say don't fill it. Let it exist as it's own void. We leave our shape inside people. I think it should always be so. All those shapes. We expand to carry them forever.


  4. been writing about a horrible loss in my life this month. it helps.


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