July 25, 2011


Who am I to deny your words
Or turn away from flags unfurled
While people run in circular herds
And duck at each idea hurled

Every one of us has a voice
Unique and separate from the crowd
Each of us must make the choice
To hold their tongue or speak out loud

So speak your mind and I’ll speak mine
Then listen, just as I listened to you
Maybe we’ll see some kind of sign
Perhaps there’ll be a sort of clue

We all may be much more the same
And more akin than we’d thought
No matter where or whence we came
Or whatever lies we’d been taught


  1. We are taught a pack of lies. I never really thought about it, but it's true. And damn, if all we really want is to be heard. Not necessarily agreed with, but heard. Understood. It validates us. Listening is so important. But I can't hear you if you don't speak.

  2. wine and words hit the nail on the head...of course i have no problem speaking my mind...or maybe that is the problem...

  3. Perhaps that should be our national anthem?

  4. Be very careful. That kind of attitude could generate world peace.

  5. I'll pay a penny for these thoughts...

  6. This is brilliant. I wish we would speak and the listening is paramount. The world would be, could be a different place.


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