July 22, 2011

Nehemiah & Lydia

Lydia was the love of his life

And gladly became his wife

Nehemiah died at forty-two

And eventually she died too


  1. Cute. I love wandering cemeteries.

  2. It's kind of sweet. Husbands and wives often follow each other closely into death. Seems they prefer being together in the hereafter, than living without the other.

  3. It makes me smile. Someone went through with the commitment! Here in the west, I run across it all the time, the husband dies and the young wife is never buried next to him later on, even though the headstone with her date of birth 1861- is on it, there's no death date. Obviously, she up and remarried.

  4. in the afterlife I imagine they still enjoy those beach walks and sunsets...:)

  5. And so begins their tale! Another big smile for you Eric! it's been some time since my last visit, and for that, I only have apologies...but I'm leaving with a great big cheese eatin' grin again...seems you might have got the not so nice end of the stick on this deal! Loved it!

  6. My grandpa died a couple of years after my grandma died. He spent those years sitting in his upstairs room doing nothing. He was a scary man.


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