May 16, 2011

Time Song

They gather deep in the forest
Few at first, then gradually more
Gathering for the Time of Song

Clarion begins it, high and bright
Noa follows, sweetly soothing
Others soon join in, one by one

The song rises, louder and higher
Permeating all and everything
Vibrating us together in unison

Sing along if you can hear it
Harmonizing when you can
Let its joy fill your days


  1. la-la-lalala-la-la-laaaaaaa!

    is that close?

  2. On good days, I want to sing too.

  3. tra lalalal tweet- the birds are defintely out there in singing!

  4. This lifted me up...that's a good thing, because I didn't want to get up today!

  5. I was just singing in the car today... singing always makes the day brighter! :)

  6. Sometimes I take a drive down to the coast when the weather is not so good. Days when the wind is high but no rain is forecast are ideal for this. Then I listen to the sea sing. The swells and the cresendo's remind me of what I most love about choral music. Feeling uplifted and chastened all at the same time. This is what your words remind me of. xx Jos


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