April 30, 2011

Some Unanswered Questions

Whatever happened to that toy turtle of mine?
(Did I really make it disappear?)

Who decided to include Indigo in the rainbow when it’s obviously just a dark blue and throws off the whole primary/secondary balance?
(Was it that Roy G. Biv guy?)

Why aren’t women’s clothing sized in actual measurements, like men’s clothing?  And why the heck aren’t all shoes sized that way as well?
(Well, not in America they're not)

Why didn’t the girl who invited me to our middle school’s dance show up?  Was she sick?  Did she chicken out?  Or was it just a joke she played on me?
(I never heard)

Where the heck did all these rude, selfish people come from?  You can’t go to the corner without encountering some jackhole who thinks they’re more important than everybody else.  No courtesy, no respect for others.
(Who’s breeding these idiots?)

Why didn’t I get gangrene when I stepped on that dirty, rusty nail and it went through my tennis shoe and into my foot?
(It always happens in the movies!)


  1. No-no-no! Don't ask these questions, your brain will explode! Yes, so many unanswered ones.

  2. I guess some questions are not meant to be answered.

    Have a good weekend~

  3. The answers my friend are blowing in the wind...the answers are blowing in the wind....Or so I was told years^..^=___Kittie

  4. 1. it starred in a sequel of velveteen rabbit

    2. obviously a scientist with no artistic sensibility

    3.clothes=vanity, shoes=confusion

    4. abducted by aliens

    5. they breed sitting in front of reality tv shows

    6. oh lord have mercy! you were lucky!


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