April 29, 2011


The underworld was a-trembling
at all the rumbling and grumbling
as Satan sat, sullen and brooding

It seems that sin had grown out of style
and had been so now for quite awhile
The situation filled his mouth with bile

“This will not do!” Satan bellowed, so loud
“We’ve been winning!” he declared, so proud
“We just cannot lose to that do-goody crowd!”

He called forth his minions of yellow and grey
“Carpe Diem!” he cried, “We must seize the day!”
“We need to tempt them!  There must be a way!”

The minions all nodded, as minions will do
While Satan thought hard for a minute or two
Until, slowly, an answer came into view

On his face grew a grin as he thought, “We can win!”
“We just need a make-over, a re-branding of sin!”
Raising a finger long and thin, he said, “Let us begin!”

He cackled and declared to his minions, “I’ll bet
this will be, by far, my most devious plot yet!
It brings sin to everyone!  I call it The Internet!”

Soon afterward, souls started pouring in
As people discovered this new highway of sin
And old Satan hardly lifted a finger again


  1. Good one Eric, I like very much, nice flow too.


  2. these digital words
    travel amongst gracious souls
    shall they fall astray?

  3. i am so going to hell...

    ha, nice one eric...getting a little old school religeon today...

  4. "You can put your two cents in, but I'm only paying a penny for your thoughts."

    I'm a Penny, does that mean I get paid?

    Great poem! The end made be choke on my coffee. See you down below someday!

  5. wonderful...loved the feel,the flow, the rhyme, the was a lyrical treat.

  6. I thought you were going for politics. ;_)

  7. Nice message ~

    I used the internet today to get the scoop on the royal wedding ~ at work.

  8. I'm happy at the thought of having the internet in hell! hehehe!

  9. This had the feel of a great fable. I loved it! ~ Rose

  10. Hahaha...I loved this...the ending made me smile. Cheers.

  11. Fabulously shared message! Oh so much can be found here full of sin, yet too, in some of the quiet moments here, you will find much grace and kindness.

  12. oh, wow! Dumb, internet. I think Dr. Suess possessed you and wrote this - it has a very "grinch that stole christmas" kind of flow to it, which is perfect, actually, for the topic. Nice job!

  13. Love it! This might get the attention of all those kids in Sunday school.


You may put in your 2¢ worth, but I'll only pay you a penny for your thoughts.