April 22, 2011

Pogo Was Right

1984 came and went
yet Big Brother is alive and well
seeing more than ever

Not 'The Man' who haunted
the Hippy counter-culture
mythology of the late 60's

Not some government plot
perpetuated in secrecy
behind locked doors

No, Big Brother is here
right out in the open
everywhere we go

Watching us
Tracking us
Recording it all

We have met the Enemy
and He is Us!
WE are Big Brother


  1. Good ole "We The People" ! Along with Professional politicians who've been groomed from High School on to go into politics. They're so out of touch with the people they represent and their needs it's sickening!I think two things promped the sorry state of affairs we're in .1 Mom being removed from the home and fathers not playing a larger part in child-rearing .2 The Popular believes inspired by the book "Looking out for #1" It's all I-ME-MY and so little compassion or empathy. Ethics and Morals are undistinguashable by most and the other half can't even spell it let alone distinguash the difference between the two...that leaves all "undicideds" with a "give a S--t attitude(I'm going to hear about it with this one huh?...Bring it folks! Let's talk!)___=^..^=___Kittie

  2. ha. yeah just grab someones twitter stream of their FB and you will learn anything you want to know...

  3. Strong point. I couldn't agree more. :)

    my post this week (last week I'm in the challenge)

    silent lessons

  4. Yes. Agreed. And unfortunately, too many seem to like it that way.

  5. aren't we? man, it's interesting... our every thought is out there floating & our info... all by our doing. it's quite amazing.

  6. He starts with a G and ends with an e and kinda of rhymes with strudel... (I'm too afraid to write it, as I don't like crawling spiders)

  7. So very true! We certainly are our own worst enemy.

  8. This resonates strongly this week: The app that follows and tracks???

    Good God, what have we done?

    Lady Nyo

  9. Look and ask why we replace community with surveillance

  10. Well I disagree!!

    I am my BIG SISTER!


  11. scary indeed !!

  12. It came, it saw, it enchanted us with its images and telephony, and stealthily it conquered. Right you are!

  13. Out in the open for sure with cajonas of steel! Well written...:)


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