April 22, 2011

Hobo 55

Everett was a hobo
back in 1936

Hitching rides or
Hopping trains

Doing odd-jobs for hand-outs
Making hobo stew

Hard-drinking, hard-fighting
It was a hard life

Then he met sweet Zadia
and she turned him around

He found a job up north
a Michigan line-man

Many years later we knew them
as grandpa and grandma

(P.S.  19+36 = 55)


  1. smiles. nice bit o family history, if they had never met we would not have you eh? intriguing the things that have to come together in our histories...

  2. 1936! i really like this one. looks like you are on track for NaPoWriMo, right?

  3. I just Love Family History 55's
    I totally could relate to this Eric.
    Great story brother....
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  4. Family history is fun and entertaining. My grandfather worked the oil fields of Texas by day and the brothels by night. Or so I have been told. Great 55, E.

  5. Aaw!
    This one is so sweet! Awesome family tense..

    Weekend Hugs

  6. short but effective retelling of a family history~

  7. Fun poem about your family. I am glad that I finally got over to see it. Cheers1


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