March 23, 2011


Sometimes lucky with a pointed word
One that sticks in just the right place

Sometimes a cool, smooth phrase
Stumbled upon purely by chance

Otherwise shunned, avoided, forsaken, denied
A penchant for grace that’s never fully realized

Wanting to soothe all the troubled souls
Wanting to save the world from itself


  1. i have a big "want to save the world" bone...ugh, sometimes to a fault...and know too that i cant...

  2. Yep... lots of us have a Jesus complex!

  3. I would so love to save the world, wrap it up in a big nursery rhyme and nuture her as we all need to be. Dare to dream! That's the power of the poet :) (And thanks for the great comment at my place too...gave me a big smile!)

  4. I'd rather not bear that responsibility but I am kind of a slacker at times :)

  5. As always, nicely done. I feel for the captain, sailing stormy seas. I have my hubby with whom to stand at the helm and that helps, but trying to keep the ship upright in the tempest can be exhausting.


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