February 24, 2011

Lost In The Depths

Surf kissing the beach
Shallow waters mislead
(I’m deeper than that)

Eight-thousand view
at a thousand leagues

One eye on the Future
(Bright, watering and blue)

One eye on the Past
(Resentful, sullen and green)

One eye on the Now
(Angry, blind and red)

Can you think through Eternity?
Do you yearn for me?
(Would you burn for me?)

Dive in with sea monsters
Sink or swim, do or die
(If you think you might, you will)


  1. green is the new blue! or so i have been told!

  2. nice...i'll rassle sea monsters...

    like the off beat voice..

  3. I hoped that line wouldn't give people Blue Oyster Cult flashbacks!

  4. Shocking Photos!?! won't drag me in with THAT. Oh yeah. Nice Post.


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