January 11, 2011

Tuesday Thought

This weekend I learned that my veterinarian had committed suicide on Christmas Eve.

I was greatly saddened by this. She was a very nice lady and treated my dogs better than any other vet. But I didn’t really know her that well.

I knew she kept Daschunds as pets because she always talked about them while treating my Daschund. She was always gentle with both of my dogs. I always made sure my dogs got to see her.

Now I need to find a new vet.  But that’s not why I’m sad.  I’m sad because the world has lost another good person.  And I wish I’d been able to help her.

But I didn’t know.  And I wonder how often it happens that way.


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Eric.

  2. ugh...yeah suicide is hard on those left as well...sorry

  3. Thank you, Brian and Marian. I appreciate that.

  4. this is the third suicide I read about breaks my heart.

  5. How tragic!! I just read on some Internet News site about a woman who had posted on Facebook that she was depressed and planned to commit suicide. Nobody even checked on her for days and days and she did. Something is very wrong with this picture....

    I'm sorry for your loss. I love my vet...she's so kind and caring.


  6. Oh my
    sorry about her..
    we learn from these tragic things... everyone has issues...

  7. Eric I am sorry for the world's loss.. Suicide is at an epedemis, especially amongs teens.. two of my kids friends (both were 13) hung themselves.. How did I not see or know they felt that way?

    It is troubling whenever someone feels so alone.. Thank you for reminding us to be more alert and compassionate!!

  8. how awful. i have felt the pain her family now feels and i am sorry for their loss.

  9. It is sad to think someone can feel that bad, and we are unaware, or powerless to help.

  10. I'm so sorry you are dealing with this.


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