January 10, 2011

It’s Easy

It’s easy to be nice
Just offer up a smile
It’s easy to make friends
Just listen for awhile

It’s easy to share
Just let yourself give
It’s easy to care
Just open up your heart

It’s easy to have fun
Just learn how to dance
It’s easy to have love
Just give it a chance

It’s easy to live
Just open your eyes
It’s easy to forgive
Just let the past go

Who was it that said
These things were so hard?
You're not yet dead
Just drop your guard


  1. love it! kinda like a cheer.
    not dead yet!
    drop your guard!
    sis boom bah!

  2. That's right! I'm definitely a cheerleader for living life to the fullest.

    (I may not look so hot in a skirt, but I can really shake my pom-poms!)

  3. Dropping the guard...yes we all must do that or we will waste our life fighting ghosts....thank you for the correction on "too"....I have the hardest time with that of those rules that never made got fully imprinted....bkm

  4. Very cute - simple but very effective. The highlighted words work well.

  5. brilliant words...

    perfect rhymes..


  6. I'm not in much of a cheery mood this week Eric, but I'm glad someone is.

  7. I like the "you're not dead yet" line!

  8. You're just a rhymin' fool today. Fun stuff.

  9. Thanks, MZ and MM! (I'm usually a fool, just not always the rhyming kind!)

  10. Could not agree more with your wonderful poem my dearest friend. I missed you and look forward to read so much more from you this year!! Blessings and hugs oxoxo

  11. Eric, I am with hedgewitch I am not in a cheery mood, but this is great advice and more people should follow it.

  12. I love this little let it go cheer! Its one I bet The Dude would love to hear. :)

  13. great attitude to have in life!

  14. fun fun fun with lots of good advice. this is an amazing effort by you eric! here’s mine for this new year potluck..

  15. I LOVE THIS, THE SPIRIT OF IT...just awesome!
    Nice read, thanks :)

  16. Nice and positive! Me likeys this a lot, Eric!!
    Life ain't hard.. we just make it look that way.. (sigh)
    But yours was a good lesson for us all.. thankoo!!


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