January 6, 2011


Can I worship you, my new-found idol?
Fall to my knees, bow in supplication?

Can I kiss your feet, or just wash them?
Sacrifice a lamb, or even a whole nation?

Can I leave behind my family and friends
to come and pray aloud at your temple?

Should I tithe all I have to your coffers,
or would ten percent be quite ample?

What shall I do? Shall I get a tattoo
proclaiming your name to the masses?

Must I fast for a week to find what I seek?
Will you make me throw out my eyeglasses?

Is there some kind of sign, some lost word benign
that will show me the way to salvation?

I’m praying that you will show me the truth
and not just lead me to the next station.


  1. Eric - just never let religion consume your faith.

  2. That is a funny one. Howver, religious obsession gives us the right wingers and the Taliban.

  3. That is real devotion, admiration and obsession... no religious place or person should allow that!
    Great poem Eric!

  4. will you make me throw out my eyeglasses?
    salvation? sigh.


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