January 17, 2011

Fishing Expo

I went to the fishing expo
I bought a cool new reel
I tried some interesting jerkies
I saw some exotic critters
I met my wife's new boss
I didn't sign up for any Canadian fishing trips
I avoided the rock-climbing wall
I bought a few new fishing lures
I heard a guy on a stage talk about fishing
I picked up a few brochures
I wouldn't buy the salsa for $8 a jar
I stopped for coffee on the way home
I had a nice time all in all

(Mr. Big Fisherman didn't have much to post today; still working on a poem for later this week)

Leaky Rowboat

Come aboard my leaky rowboat

I'll row out far from shore
just you and I a-bobbin'
upon the deep blue water

The water will be seeping
to slowly fill the hull
until we drown together
and haunt the fish below


  1. what! no salsa! priorities! ;)
    sounds like a great day.
    also kinda like an episode of king of the hill.

  2. Tell you what, man, dang old salsa, selling dang eight dollars a jar, man, talkin' 'bout dang old Frito breath, man.

  3. i knew you had it in you!
    also, really love the rowboat poem. so pretty!

  4. sounds like a great time...and good job not taking the bait yourself...

  5. Well, the rowboat poem doesn't end well for the people in it! I enjoyed the prose, though. :) Your fishing expo trip sounds like a trip to Bass Pro Shop, my husband's favorite store, next to Best Buy. LOL If there is fishing gear, the promise of fishing gear, or the possibility that fishing gear might soon arrive, he will attend. Nice post! A great way to end my day.


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