December 21, 2010

What To Call Bunches Of Birds

There are an awful lot of birds mentioned in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” song, which got me thinking.  So I searched online and found this bird list.  It's handy for knowing how to refer to various birds en masse.  ("Flamboyance of Flamingoes" is my favorite; after all, you can't spell "Flamingo" without "Flaming"!) 

Auks: A raft of Auks

Birds: A dissimulation of birds

Birds: A volery of birds

Birds: A flock of birds

Birds: A covey of birds

Bitterns: A sedge of bitterns

Bitterns: A siege of bitterns

Bullfinches: A bellowing of bullfinches

Buzzards: A wake of buzzards

Capons: A mews of capons

Chickens: A peep of chickens

Chicks: A clutch of chicks

Choughs: A clattering of choughs

Cocks: A yeoman of cocks

Coots: A cover of coots

Coots: A raft of coots

Cormorants: A flight of cormorants

Cranes: A sedge of cranes

Crows: A horde of crows

Crows: A hover of crows

Crows: A mob of crows

Crows: A murder of crows

Crows: A muster of crows

Crows: A parcel of crows

Crows: A parliament of crows

Crows: A storytelling of crows

Curlews: A head of curlews

Dotterel: A trip of dotterel

Doves: A dole of doves

Doves: A dule of doves

Doves: A flight of doves

Doves: A piteousness of doves

Doves: A pitying of doves

Doves: A prettying of doves

Ducks: A dopping of ducks (diving)

Ducks: A plump of ducks (flying)

Ducks: A paddling of ducks (on water)

Ducks: A flush of ducks (on water)

Ducks: A raft of ducks

Ducks: A sord of ducks

Ducks: A team of ducks

Ducks: A twack of ducks

Dunlin: A fling of dunlins

Eagles: A congress of eagles

Eagles: A convocation of eagles

Falcons: A cast of falcons

Finches: A charm of finches

Finches: A trembing of finches

Finches: A trimming of finches

Flamingoes: A flamboyance of flamingoes

Flamingoes: A stand of flamingoes

Goldfinches: A drum of goldfinches

Goldfinches: A troubling of goldfinches

Goldfinches: A charm of goldfinches

Geese: A wedge of geese (flying)

Geese: A flock of geese

Geese: A gaggle of geese

Geese: A nide of geese

Geese: A skein of geese

Geese: A plump of geese (on water)

Goshawks: A flight of goshawks

Grouse: A covey of grouse

Grouse: A lek of grouse

Grouse: A pack of grouse

Guillemots: A bazaar of guillemots

Guinea Fowl: A confusion of guinea fowl

Gulls: A colony of gulls

Gulls: A screech of gulls

Hawks: A cast of hawks

Hawks: A kettle of hawks

Hens: A brood of hens

Herons: A siege of herons

Hummingbirds: A charm of hummingbirds

Jays: A band of jays

Jays: A party of jays

Jays: A scold of jays

Lapwings: A deceit of lapwings

Lapwings: A desert of lapwings

Larks: A bevy of larks

Larks: An exaltation of larks

Magpies: A conventicle of magpies

Magpies: A tiding(s) of magpies

Mallards: A lute of mallards

Mallards: A sord of mallards

Martins: A richness of martins

Mudhen: A fleet of mudhen

Nightingales: A watch of nightingales

Ostriches: A flock of ostriches

Owls: A parliament of owls

Owls: A stare of owls

Parrots: A company of parrots

Parrots: A prattle of parrots

Parrots: A pandemonium of parrots

Partridges: A bew of partridges

Partridges: A covey of partridges

Peacocks: A muster of peacocks

Peacocks: A pride of peacocks

Peacocks: An ostentation of peacocks

Penguins: A colony of penguins

Penguins: A creche of penguins

Penguins: A huddle of penguins

Penguins: A parcel of penguins

Penguins: A rookery of penguins

Pheasants: A bouquet of pheasants

Pheasants: A covey of pheasants

Pheasants: A nide of pheasants

Pheasants: A nye of pheasants

Pigeons: A kit of pigeons

Pigeons: A loft of pigeons

Plovers: A congregation of plovers

Poultry: A run of poultry

Ptarmigan: A covey of ptarmigan

Quail: A bevy of quail

Quail: A covey of quail

Ravens: A conspiracy of ravens

Ravens: A murder of ravens

Ravens: A storytelling of ravens

Ravens: An unkindness of ravens

Rooks: A building of rooks

Rooks: A clamour of rooks

Rooks: A parliament of rooks

Ruffs: A hill of ruffs

Sandpipers: A fling of sandpipers

Sea Fowl: A cloud of sea fowl

Seagulls: A flock of seagulls

Ssheldrakes: A doading of sheldrakes

Skylarks: An exultation of skylarks

Snipe: A walk of snipe

Snipe: A wisp of snipe

Sparrows: A host of sparrows

Sparrows: A quarrel of sparrows

Sparrows: A ubiquity of sparrows

Starlings: A murmuration of starlings

Storks: A muster of storks

Storks: A phalanx of storks

Swallows: A flight of swallows

Swallows: A gulp of swallows

Swans: A gaggle of swans

Swans: A wedge of swans (flying)

Swans: A bank of swans

Swans: A bevy of swans

Swans: A whiteness of swans

Swans: A gargle of swans

Swans: An eyrar of swans

Teal: A diving of teal

Teal: A spring of teal

Thrushes: A mutation of thrushes

Turkeys: A raffle of turkeys

Turkeys: A rafter of turkeys

Turtle Doves: A pitying of turtledoves

Waterfowl: A knob of waterfowl

Waterfowl: A plump of waterfowl

Wigeon: A coil of wigeon

Woodpeckers: A descent of woodpeckers


  1. love it!
    a pitying of doves? of course!
    a siege of herons? yes!
    a charm of hummingbirds? what else?

  2. Ah, Marion... I can always count on you!


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