December 21, 2010


I sometimes presume that the world is prejudiced against me, that it has some kind of preconceived notion about me.  But that’s not true at all.  That opinion has been formed over time using careful scrutiny, close observation and deep consideration.  The world’s take on me is simply a logical conclusion based upon my behavior and actions.

If I really want to change that opinion, I must do something unexpected, something to surprise everyone.  I can’t be a cliché and keep acting the way I always have in the past.  I must make the world see, undeniably, that there is more to me than previously seen.  I must show everyone that I have indeed changed and grown.  For it’s not up to them to change their viewpoint; it’s up to me to change the truth they see.

(Note: I had originally written this as a statement about somebody, with the opinion formed over time being my own about that person.  But then I flipped it around and put the onus of changing upon myself instead.  I think it reads better now.)

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