December 8, 2010

Wednesday Words of Wisdom: What (I Think) It All Means

In my on-going quest for knowledge  (and I say ‘knowledge’ rather than ‘truth’ because I do not think there is one great ‘Truth’ for everybody), I’ve looked into a wide variety of religions and 'isms: Catholicism, Baptist, Mormon, Amish and Mennonite, Wicca, Satanism/Devil Worship, Paganism, Cabbalism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Krishna, Daoism, Taoism, Mysticism, Aboriginal legends, American Indian lore, Norse mythology, Greek mythology, etc...  (I think you get the idea)

Volume upon volume has been written (and re-written) over the millennia by believers who seem bent on showing that their beliefs are right – which, of course directly implies that all other beliefs are wrong.  They don’t all do this, but far too many do!

Sidebar: Ever notice how often religions are relegated to the status of 'cult' - or even 'myth' - by other religions?

I’ve read plenty of these ‘gospels’ and I’ve found that there is an awful lot of defining right from wrong, telling people what to do or not do (mostly not).  There has also been a lot of interpretation and re-interpretation, a lot of editing, a lot of skewing and, evidently, a lot of corruption.  In fact, I doubt there are many, if any, of the original words/intentions left in many of them.

I doubt anybody really knows 'the truth’ and are either fooling themselves or intend to fool others for personal gain.  I believe that people miss out on living life itself by spending too much time contemplating the unfathomable, or just by believing what others tell them to believe.

I won't tell anyone what to believe because it's a personal decision - one of the most personal decisions one can make - and I know I don't have any real answers.  But, with a nod to Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life” I offer up this bit of humble advice: Just dig life the best way that you can, while you can, and try not to be an asshole while doing so!

Happy holidays to you all!
- Eric 'Bubba' Alder

Happy Bodhi Day!


  1. Great post Bubba. I think we should all just let others believe what they believe and respect each other, not try to cram our own beliefs down someone else's throat.

  2. good post! "Life is a banquet and most suckers are starving to live!" Auntie Mame

  3. There is a lot of truth in your knowledge Eric....Happy Holidays to you to....:-)

  4. There is a lot of knowledge in your truth Eric. Have good holiday. Glad you came to visit.

    Ooops! i thought this was your 'One Stop' thing.

  5. I totally agree. Live and let live, right?

    (You might enjoy reading Jed McKenna. He's a rather unorthodox, supposedly enlightened being. I found he spoke some "truth", though I couldn't buy his whole package. But he's quite interesting.)

  6. Love this post.. My beliefs basically are this.. I have taken a bit of this and that from those and them and formed my own faith which is quite simple. decency, respect, honor, honesty and compassion.. Seems to work for me mighty darn good..

    Really liked this one!!

  7. Yes, each person must discover their own truth.

  8. right there, everyone's truth or the perception of truth is totally different from the next guy. Whats truth one is a lie/excuse for another

  9. Awesome words you just reminded me of!
    I have to work with some Bible thumpers who constantly try to push beliefs on others, even in casual conversation. Some are completely hypocritical how they treat others, n don't realize it.

    Respect of belief is an great way to live.
    Have a fun Holiday season!

  10. I'm a Catholic and if there's one thing I really have trouble with it is the "we are the only church" idea. I don't think God intends us to believe that. He encourages us to love our fellowman(woman) and that means embracing their beliefs as well. I think as long as you're doing good on this earth then you will find some reward at the end of your life. Amen.



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