December 9, 2010

The Death of Grace (Forgiveness Lost)

Bright and beautiful, elegant and eloquent, born of civilized times 
Far removed from brash pioneers whose roughness came from necessity

Grace was the best of us, sincere and serene, unquestionable etiquette
Everyone who knew her loved her; she was cherished above all

She showed that the world could be a finer place for us
Tried hard to enlighten, even amidst the darkest clouds

But her blossom faded, as blossoms do, though constant in her cause
And those who courted her grew weary of waiting for something more

That was more than Grace could give; loving so much and so many
Compelled to help all who cried out in vain or stretched out a hand

Her goodness was her undoing, spread too thin amongst the needy
Never turned away, never a deaf ear, never without compassion

Some would not, could not wait, for Grace’s tender mercy
And so they left her far behind to seek other absolutions

Grace did her best and kept her smile, her spirit true but waning
Less adored and less needed than before, but still she carried on

Her struggle soon took its toll and Grace died in her sleep
Too weary to bring back those lost souls, unable to fix the world

Those who’ve forgotten good Grace are less by their forgetting
Ever true and noble, she left behind a void yet to be filled


  1. Eric,
    A very fine piece of writing, which more than advocates the idea of forgiveness.

    Best wishes,

  2. Amen to this
    great Piece, eric!

  3. Grace with a small or large 'g' is something we rarely hear of but need badly.

  4. A beautiful, heartfelt write, Eric. Blessings!

  5. Beautifull.. in reading this the words just fell softly and sweetly in my mind..
    Very much enjoyed this piece..very much :-)

  6. What a tribute to Grace you have written! Beautiful writing.

  7. A wonderful piece Eric and thanks for the thought provoking prompt.

  8. Wow, this poem really resonated with me......."spread too thin amongst the needy"........I can relate to Grace. Such a beautifully written tribute to her. I like "those who've forgotten...are less for their forgetting." Well done!

  9. A poem written with many fold interpretations.

    For me, finding grace in the act of forgiveness.

  10. I can relate to this to! It was beautiful! May we all share in grace, but know when to keep our soul in check~ Wonderful poem; I love your take on your prompt!

  11. A beautiful tribute to Grace...human or otherwise, let us embrace her courage to love..a troubled world...bkm


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