November 3, 2010

What Was Worthwhile

I once had a thought, notion, idea
I wrote it out and it was wonderful

I elated at its brilliance, marveled
I caressed it and polished it bright

I wanted it to be even more perfect
I re-wrote it, re-positioned it just so

I stepped back for a re-evaluation
I still didn’t think it quite right

I toiled and struggled with meanings
I ironed it and honed points sharp

I looked again and noticed it tilting
I saw stains on the edges start seeping

I cleaned it up again, scrubbed deliriously
I trimmed, lopped-off overgrown parts

I stopped and checked and staggered
I wiped the sweat from my brow

I saw my once-great thing disfigured now
I had defiled its purity; it would never live

I tore and ripped and shredded my creation
I burned it down and cast it to the wind

I followed the pieces spreading about
I watched them soak black into the soil

I kicked the ground that it had stained
I overturned the dirt, to bury it forever

I noticed a movement, the tiniest twitch
I watched a new flower rise and bloom

I stood in awe of such impossible beauty
I smelled a lovely fragrance wafting over me

I stooped to pluck it for my very own
I hesitated, then chose to let it stay

I stood back up and turned away
I left that flower behind for all


  1. I saw myself in your words. Why do we do that? I am glad you let the flower be...for all to enjoy its beauty.

  2. Second guessing? It stands with its own beauty.

  3. loved how the emotion flowed through the verses :D
    well written

  4. It's interesting that even in the midst of the creative struggle, there are little seeds that stick and bloom - and that's a good thing.

    Enjoyed this very much, Eric!

  5. Oh, Eric. We do this, don't we. We create something, become obsessed with chasing perfection, then destroy our masterpiece.

    Thanks for letting the flower be.

  6. So many times I leave a bloom to be, reseed, n rise again for another growing season- Except the Petunias, which must be dead-headed6 to keep sending new blooms... so those come into the house.

    Creations are so like planting!

  7. I am always re-writing and often go back and decide to leave it as it was. Sometimes the original thought is best left as it was.


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