November 4, 2010

Incorrigible Quidnuncs

Do you ever walk around and think-up thoughtful thoughts?
Ever wonder about all the shouldn’ts or about the oughts?

Did you ever hear of the beautiful Pricilla the Hun?
Second-cousin to poor, beleaguered Attila the Nun?

Can you hear the ocean’s roar in an empty yogurt cup?
Comprehend that what goes down is also what is up?

Does everything in life just have to make some sense?
Or is there room for silliness in seriousness so dense?

I’ve been around awhile and this is what I heard:
Life’s too short to overlook a love for the absurd.


  1. I live in an absurd place most of the time (in my head I mean)...and I'm generally quite happy so I agree a little of the absurd is paramount to a life of fleeting moments of pure joy:)

  2. I love the absurdities. No surprise there. I am absurd!

    captured memories

  3. yeah, absurd! I love the line "Can you hear the ocean’s roar in an empty yogurt cup?". Now that is absurd and puts a big smile on my face.

  4. i have to think each of us carries a kernal of insanity within us...some just show it more. smiles.

  5. that's absurd...that's all you're gonna get from me for a penny!

  6. These are some serious words meeeaaaan!
    Just kidding- well I kinda try to keep it light wherever possible- I too believe in the same logic- life's too short to be sitting and whining about the lost!

    This is wonderful Eric.. :)
    Love xx

  7. A delightful and thoughtful read...the absurdities give life and the mind a spark...really enjoyed...bkm

  8. this is too cute... enjoyed Nice One....

  9. I feel like I should stand on my head and read this!

  10. Teehee... am with ya 100%, Eric! :)
    But some people take "absurdity" a tad too seriously... ;-)

    LOVED this one, my friend... you always come up with the best!


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