November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

(Just some miscellaneous debris that has popped into my head...)

The finest silks from Bangladesh
Rendered in a tangled mess
White hibiscus strangled fresh

We rarely appreciate just being alive...
Only when Death comes knocking do we realize the truth of it.

Truth needs no footnotes.

I want to do something that only I can do
and have whatever that is be my job.

I have despair to spare.

Marshmallow cannonball!

The best things in life are rarely fast...
(and if they are, they're not fast enough!)

I need time more than time needs me.

Life gets scary when it’s all up to you.

To gauge Truth, multiply Urgency by Fact, then divide by Benefit.

You can manicure, but you can’t cure a man.
(What, a man can't say that?)


  1. Of course men can say whatever... and so well BTW!

  2. Thank you, Dulce!

    Coming from you, that's quite the compliment.

  3. You must carry a pad with you to capture all of this, er, wisdom?

  4. Sometimes it's a notebook, sometimes a sticky note, sometimes a Word document - it all depends on where and when the inspiration strikes.

  5. 'You can manicure, but you can’t cure a man.'

    LOL That made me laugh out loud. :-)


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