November 8, 2010

Scenes Adrian Painted For Me

(Visions inspired by the music of guitarist extraordinaire, Adrian Legg)

A regal church spire, dark against the bright blue Sunday, elegant edifice of another time, features darkened with soot but still noble and proud.

A brown cow chews her cud, stationed behind a white fence, tail-flicking flies and she waits for the next truck to pass down the dusty farm road.

A ragged, rough seashore the morning after a big storm, driftwood and dross scattered amongst the rocks and sand, little crabs picking at the wet seaweed.

A nightmare Nutcracker, sugarplum fairy flying backwards, giant flowers loom overhead... laughing unseen things suddenly close, then gone before you can turn to see.

A crowded diner full of happy Saturday morning customers, the waitress skillfully spins to the table with a plateful of hot hash browns and bacon with two sunny-side eggs smiling up.

Gently rolling green hills of meadow grass glistening with morning dew.

A young boy, pant legs rolled up, carefully wading a shallow clear stream, shoes in hand, watching small fish scattering ahead.

Broad brown leaves flutter down, here and there, in a shady autumn oak grove.

The cheerful faces of eager barterers in a busy country marketplace.

A tired hound lifts a lazy eyelid to see his old master dancing a little jig while waiting for supper.

A rather drunken fellow attempting to gracefully navigate a cobblestone alley by moonlight.

Circus acrobats and colorful clowns performing amazing and amusing feats with brisk, concentrated confidence for a very pleased audience of clapping children.

A pretty girl sits beside an old well, a small blue flower in her hair, waiting for her someone special to come down the path.

An empty white rowboat bobbing on slow, gray waves.

Two teen boys smiling with glee, taking their just-fixed jalopy on its stuttering maiden run down a bumpy dirt road.

The ghost of a young woman searching the night in vain for a long-lost lover.

A long passenger train clicking quickly past an old deserted depot.


  1. some interesting images that came to you...reflecting a wide array of emotions....

  2. This is beautiful, Eric. does speak to us. I loved all the images you created.

  3. I hope everyone who reads this will take the time to give Adrian Legg's wonderful music a listen. I've seen him in concert twice and it's astonishing what he can do with a guitar.

    (He's also a great story teller with a sharp, dry wit that often comes to life between songs)

  4. What lovely paintings you have created in this post Eric! :-)

  5. I have to check him out: your images are so diverse.

  6. Solid imagery, your words evoke quite the beautiful, and bizarre, imagery...and so much of it, too.

  7. Wonderful imagery, Eric. I went to YouTube to listen to some of Adrian Legg's music, and I can see where your inspiration came from. He takes his guitar all over the place.

  8. Great reflections my friends
    a tapestry of life I'd say

    thanks for your support always of me and OSP

  9. Wonderful and evocative images. Thank you!


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