November 26, 2010

From A To Z

I dwell in places between the extremes
Way left to way right, or up and down
I balance my life as it spins ‘round

Loud raucous music, then a quiet repose
Morning’s hot, jittery coffee
Later on it's cool suds for me

Oatmeal for breakfast, or a cold cereal bowl
Habanero hot wings that make me sweat
(Haven’t found a way to tame that fire yet)

The cycle keeps spinning like pedals on a bike
One side’s up, the other side’s down
They trade places and come back around


  1. Nice one. It's always "A Question of Balance," just ask the Moody Blues.

  2. life can be crazy like that...I just want a little less chaos and a little more repose myself. Great read Bubba!

  3. life is like this for me a lot of the time, too. I really related to this poem. Middle of the road is so boring!

  4. I like your style, Eric. I like the idea of dwelling in the place between extremes. Seems very wise to me!


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