October 4, 2010

Microfiction Monday

The sheik had thought of everything to make his date with the princess special…

He bathed in pure spring water, had his beard neatly trimmed and wore his best robes and fanciest turban.

When the princess arrived, she was greeted with beautiful flowers.  A long hallway covered with flower petals led her to the royal dining room.  Romantic music played as they talked and enjoyed a wonderful six course meal with the finest wines.

After dinner, they went outside to find the sheik’s flying horse, dressed in the finest silks and tassels. They gently climbed aboard and, with just a few flaps of his powerful wings, they were quickly carried into the sky.

The scenery was breath-taking.  She smiled lovingly at him.

Yes, he’d remembered everything…

Except not to fly over the hunt club’s property on opening day of goose season.


  1. oh my! This makes me grateful I'm the grounded sort - lol!

  2. hehe. nice twist there at teh end...kapow!

  3. Wow! 948 characters, but it's only supposed to be a max of 140. Great story, though--I laughed.

    Here's the website that will count the characters for you:

  4. Oh, 140 CHARACTERS! I did 140 WORDS! (LOL!)
    Guess I got a little mixed up there.

    (No wonder mine us so much longer than the others!)

  5. What a great tale for the picture!

  6. Who cares about how many characters...I can't believe you came up with all of that out of one photo. A++++++++

  7. Oops, that's the sort of mistake i'd make! I loved the twist at the end. Great meme.


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