October 28, 2010

Fall Friday 55: Yes, It's More Haiku For You!

A leafy couple

Together since they were buds

Hang on ‘til the end

A lone leaf skewered

A delayed autumn descent

A matter of time

Colors overhead

Tumultuously tumbling

To cover the grass

A moss-covered log

Grows a land-locked coral reef

Of oyster fungi

Balancing acorn?

Every time I walk the woods

I see miracles!

(The acorn was just sitting atop this small broken tree - I did not place it there)


  1. nice. really like th leaf impailed and the colors heard...very seasonal 55 eric

  2. Great Fall pictorial. Very nice, Eric. Thanks for stopping by my 55.

  3. The last stanza was my favourite. There truly are miracles everywhere. The key is to take the time to look around and notice.

    Nice fall photos. :)

  4. I love your fall pictures and poetry! Keep it coming until spring!

  5. No fall colors here. I wonder how far north I would have to drive to find some? Posts like these make me want to see them in person.

  6. Autumnal Beauty
    Everything is a canvas.
    Awesome Michigan...

    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  7. amazingly beautiful use of 55 words and wonderful pictures as well.

  8. you have a way with the haiku and the photos

    I was just sent info about a contest today but it ends on Sunday
    will post it on my site so people can have a look the prize is for money

    Happy Halloweeeen

  9. Lovely idea for a 55...five little haikus and photos to match. A miracle indeed, every time I step outside if I but take the time to look. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. oh, I'm definately getting out of the city this weekend! I want to see those miracles! Love the first haiku

  11. I love these haiku
    And the great images, too
    Hats off to you, E!

  12. This 55, is without a doubt, one of the best ever written.

    Artsy-Fartsy is my Friday Post Just scroll down below the 'artsy' part. hehehehehe

  13. Wow! One of the best ever? Now THAT'S a compliment, especially given all the GREAT 55's that I've read by all the talented folks out there. Thank you all for the nice words!

  14. I really liked that one! "leaves together since they were buds" very very clever!

    walk in the woods...mind enriching!

    my 55 is up (g-man does need a linky thingie)

  15. These are all indeed miracles. I'm glad to see that you've given yourself permission to see and enjoy them as such.

  16. Beautiful words and images - I love your Autumnal scenery.

  17. ah yes - just come back from a walk in the woods myself - just beautiful..nice 55 eric

  18. Here's my two cents' worth: that opening pun made me laugh out loud. A gift to me on a Friday morning!

  19. This is fall described in the most beautiful way i've ever read!
    Great one Eric!

  20. Autumn in the woods is magical. I love the crunch of leaves underfoot as I look at the last reluctant participants hanging on, waiting for the fat lady to sing.

  21. Nice autumnal 55ve haiku collection! :)

  22. You have to be the king of haiku. I have never been any good at them but you are the master - all of them so perfect and the photographs so wonderfully illustrate them.

    And, yes, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, unless I'm inside at a party sipping a nice hot buttered rum made with my all time favorite, a golden Mt. Gay from Barbados.

  23. lovely pics especially the fungi...great 55! :)

  24. The first and the last were my favorites, and I loved every thing else in between.


  25. I love the imagery in your words - it really didn't need the photos!

    Well played. :)

  26. Everytime I visit Eric "Bubba" Alder's blog I feel miracles!

    Wonderful pix.

    I think Jazmeene, my squirrel friend most likely places that acorn there -- she loves funning with my blogging buddies.

    And guess what??

    YOU are top dog in my sidebar today. thanks for such a great visual to use for your button. Hope you like it!!


  27. wonderful series of haikus to go with beautiful shots depicting my favorite just can't go wrong can you? ;)

  28. Nature is the true miracle of life for sure.
    Happy Halloween.

  29. Eric, the haikus are lovely. I especially enjoyed them along with the photos of the pretty fall leaves! Thanks for stopping by my place. I really appreciate it.


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