September 27, 2010

The Journey

It all started with a Rock Around The Clock.  After that, I put on my Blue Velvet suit, my Blue Suede Shoes and left My Old Kentucky Home for Kansas City.

There I met Barbara Ann, Gloria and the Duke of Earl.  I went Down On The Corner where the Rocket Man and The Rubber Band Man were Jammin’ to some Old Time Rock And Roll.

Needing Money, I tried to Get A Job with Mr. Lee.  He asked me, “Are You Experienced?”  But I was Dazed And Confused, and answered, “Good Golly Miss Molly!”  He just sneered at me and said, “Hit The Road, Jack”

So I traveled the country from Sweet Home Alabama to the Rocky Mountain Way.  I took a Magic Carpet Ride, rode a Rollercoaster and took the Highway To Hell... I was a Highway Star!

Over time I got my kicks on Route 66 and even found my thrill on Blueberry Hill.  But, in The End, all I learned was there is no Stairway To Heaven.

(I'd originally planned on making this much longer, but I know far too many songs!)


  1. lol! I loved it! I'm jealous of the Blueberry Hill thrill - never got there myself - lol!

  2. what a fun ride, goes to show sometimes we just need to find things out for ourselves! :)

  3. What a thrill --- loved reminiscing with your virtual world of words, brought back lots of fun, scary, and fond memories.

    Thanks for the ride.



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