September 14, 2010

Great Horoscope

• Scorpio
October 23 - November 21

You generally are good at sizing up other people and sensing their thoughts and feelings, Scorpio, but today that talent is greatly enhanced by increased intuition. You should be feeling especially enthusiastic and optimistic today. Both work and home life are likely to be looking good. Physically, you should be healthy and vigorous, and spiritually you should be strong. Enjoy your day.

(Thanks! I will!)

Horoscope courtesy of MSN Horoscopes


  1. Hope your day was a beautiful as that horoscope laid out for you :)

  2. Are you going to make this a regular feature? I'm a Gemini, just so you know... :)

    Thanks for your very thoughtful response on my recent post, btw. Much appreciated.

  3. My day wasn't as awesome as this horoscope seemed to imply, but I've got no complaints.

    This daily horoscope came from my MSN page. I can't see me making it a regular feature because I'd have to post them every day, and they're not mine in the first place.

    But anyone can go to MSN Horoscopes and get their daily horoscope.

  4. Hi Eric

    Another Gemini here,,,,,,,,,,,,,did you know sexual Mars and sensual Venus have shifted their alignment in social Libra (in August) into intense Scorpio. The positive interpretation is that you are able to go to deeper levels in your relationships. So enjoy and dive in and have fun this fall my blog friend.

    Nicely laid out your poem, horoscope, and of course Cher,
    3 cheers,

  5. Am a crazy and wild Aquarius Eric and hope you had a great one :)


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