August 3, 2010


I stand here with my microphone,
not deserving your applause,
not wanting to be in the spotlight
of your undivided attention.

You clap and cheer!
You say I'm great!
A Genius... a Prophet...
... even a Messiah!

But I'm none of those things,
I'm just human, just ordinary,
and I wish I could make you realize
that I'm no better than you.

Everybody deserves applause
because everybody is great!
A Genius... a Prophet...
... even a Messiah!

Then again, if that is true...
Then I, too, am all those things!
And, so, I also deserve applause!
Thank you! Thank you!



  1. A fine line isn't there. These superstars like Paul Newman, and even rockers like John Bon Jovi are who they became because above all the fame,fortune and women who threw themselves at them, they had a wife at home who asked, please take out the garbage, and kept it all real for them.
    Nice write and very applicable, too.


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