August 6, 2010

Jesus (plus one-third)

(Author’s note: This is not meant to be a theologically-accurate essay. It's merely for amusement and certain blatant liberties have been taken in order to add to the cohesiveness of the whole idea)

Theologians generally agree that Jesus was born around the Winter Solstice (Christmas) and was crucified in the Spring (Easter).

The Bible states that Jesus was thirty-three years old when he was crucified.

Allowing for the difference between his birthday and Easter - about four months, or one-third of the year - Jesus lived to be thirty-three and one-third years old.

Thirty-three and one-third (besides also being the RPM speed of LP phonograph records – remember those?) is exactly one-third of one hundred.

Mathematically speaking, one third is 0.3333333(etc.) or 33.3333(etc.) %

Jesus is also one-third of the ‘Holy Trinity’ of Father, Son and Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit.

Jesus is the middle third, the link between Father and Spirit - just as he is the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

What does all this math-eo-logical gibberish mean?

Beats me! I just thought it was a neat coincidence.


  1. that is kind of an interesting observation!

  2. I think that was a neat coincidence too. I love mathematical gibberish because that's the only way math makes sense to me :)

  3. Not coincident - divine planning.


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