August 5, 2010

The Golden Dragon

The golden dragon slowly stirred
lurking in his deep dark cave
His empty stomach sleep deterred
Hungry for some knight or knave

He longs to once again hear
the boast of one who’d dare
to challenge him with sword or spear
and face the battle square

But the days of noble knights
have long since come and gone
Now the daze of immobile nights
withers his will to carry on

Dragons are a long-lived breed
and rarely will they fall sick
Unless by fatal blow they bleed
they just don’t die so quick

Lacking strength to venture out
to find the smallest meal
He knows this, beyond a doubt
is a most vexing ordeal

But dragons always have some luck
despite what else they might lack
and the misstep of a wayward duck
provided a much needed snack

One small duck, barely a bite,
but better than starvation
And soon enough he felt alright
That duck was his salvation

He ventured forth outside his den
And left behind his treasure
To seek sustenance once again
Something of larger measure

He came across a green pasture wide
with many cattle grazing
He snatched one up and cooked its hide
with dragon fire blazing

His stomach full, he leapt in the air
and beat his mighty wings
He soared about the country fair
and noticed many things

The castles had all fallen down
and all their moats were drained
But in their place sat a great town
With strange buildings all arranged

He flew through thick smog and smoke
that came from some strange fires
Fumes that made him cough and choke
were spewed by tall, gray spires

He did not recognize this place
he’d been away too long
Then sorrow washed across his face
as he wailed a woeful song

The golden dragon turned away
and flew back to his den
Sadly he would have to stay
asleep and dream of When


  1. That poor dragon would have to be on a nebulizer today to keep the lungs clear.

    What a woeful tale of the past. I enjoyed it being told from the dragon's perspective

    thanks for flying by One Shot

    Moon smiles

  2. Very magical and sadly real. "Dream of when" the fairytales were fables and properly scared the children and entertained the nights. Those stories are still alive for some of us who can still --dream of when. Good poem arcing the legend to today. Fine work. Thank you.

  3. Quite a story Eric. Sadly, we do dream of when. But must create to bring a better now.

  4. ah. i feel a bit sorry for the dragon...i dreamed of dragons as a child...could not get enough fantasy novels...if only they were still around..smiles. nice one shot!

  5. Awww! I want to help the golden dragon find a new home with castles and knights and maidens in distress...

  6. Hey Eric. That was great. The thoughts of the dragon upon entering the county fair to soar through pollution makes me think of Rip Van Winkle awakening to discover a world unfamiliar. Read this as a poetic allegory evoking a nostalgia for inspiring times. thanks

  7. An entertaining read with a poignant ending, indeed.

  8. Dragons always make me think of fairytales a little girl,i loved them..till now i do..:) your piece is lovely :) thanks for sharing with one shot !

  9. Me likey dragons, so this was a joyful yet poignant read for me. Nice! :D

  10. I love this. I can totally see this as an illustrated children's book. Great One Shot. Oh, and by the way, I'm so glad he didn't have a taste for damsels. We can't run as fast, you know.

  11. Wonderful tale of the Dragon...Sad as most endings to things are...funny how there is always an ending....may he sleep and dream forever in the Golden Days of his past....bkm

  12. a great tale and a sad ending..but its about dragons and that makes me son collects dragons..wherever we go if there is a dragon ornament he will get it...but then not only does he have a celtic first name and arthur as his third name but i also brought him a merlin when he was a baby and used to tell him that he would look over him....cheers pete

  13. Felt so sad for the dragon..Awesome one shot my friend x

  14. Wonderful tale, although like the others, I felt for the poor dragon with no knights for munchings and crunchings.

  15. Such a lovely tale... such a majestic creature, the dragon.. and this was a wonderful tribute!
    But you're right... he probably rested far too long.. the landscape of this world would be so different to him, that he might have to make do with stray ducks and cattle.. (sigh)
    Very well written, Eric...

  16. Great poetical story! The dragon felt out of place, he was out of place. Maybe he will find his way back home? sweet....


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