August 6, 2010

Future Man Speaks

I come from the future - YOUR future - a time when the world has become a desolate wasteland with thick, polluted seas. Conditions are such that survival for all life-forms on Earth has become virtually impossible.

Many of the causes are known to you now - industrial waste, carbon dioxide build-up and the like – but most of the destruction will be caused by machines and technologies that have yet to be invented.

But make no mistake; these things are coming and, although they will initially be embraced by the masses because of their great benefits, the truth will be discovered far too late.

That is why I’ve come back; to warn everyone before these things occur.  Some will laugh at these words, thinking me mad.  Others may feel uneasy about what I foretell.  I do not care how I am perceived personally, only that I make it clear:

Some technologies, which are even now being developed, will bring about the destruction of Mankind!

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  1. You're talking about reality TV shows, right?


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