August 27, 2010

Friday Free Speech

Giving a damn and striving for excellence require both commitment and personal effort.

It's far easier for individuals to settle for the status quo, the everyday mundane.

Thus, as long as people tend to seek the easy way in all things, complacent acceptance of mediocrity will always be far more abundant than enthusiasm for excellence.


  1. very well put. as an addict i always took the easy way even if it was the way that made me miserable.

    today in recovery i have a lot of enthusiasm and demand excellence, i try not to expect it but i do strive for it in myself and in everything i do.

  2. Yeah, what you said. Excellent points.

  3. Bubba!!

    You speak words of highest wisdom here!! I keep setting little goals towards big ones. For to stay with the status quoa would make me very very sad. And improving myself makes me very very happy.


  4. amazing,
    I enjoy your patience and humor.

  5. I say we confound them all and strive for excellence anyway. :)

    Well said!


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