August 20, 2010

Friday Free Speech

Magic or Power?

I don't believe in Magic, but I do believe in Power.

Everyone has Power (some more than others) and Power is controlled by Will.

But there is also Power above our own - Power beyond our Will - Power we cannot control - Power beyond our comprehension.

But, perhaps, there is also a Will controlling that Power - some great Will, far beyond our reckoning.

Therein lies the unfathomable, the unknown, the unseen.

Therein lies the possibility of God


  1. I tend to think there is power greater than we can comprehend.

  2. And everything lies within that mind of ours.. our God, our Will, our Power..

    This was a very thought provoking post..
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful thought...

  3. Oh, yes, there is definitely a power greater than me is whom I call God. Beautiful write! And thanks for the follow at my blog.

  4. Incredible truth lies here.........


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